Watery Eyes

Watery Eyes: Causes and Remedies

Ever get watery eyes? Do your tears overflow as if you’re crying? Then you would possibly be experiencing epistrophe. Epistrophe or watery eyes is one amongst the foremost common eye issues, significantly in older folks.

Tears facilitate keep the eyes keep nourished, lubricated and safe from foreign particles. sure emotions like disappointment, happiness and anger will cause your eyes to water. disbursement an excessive amount of time before of the pc screen also can cause you to tear.

Our eyes conjointly mechanically turn out tears once one thing gets into the attention surface, like dust, smoke, a speck of dirt, eyelash, etc. These are all traditional.

Once the irritating particle got flushed out or once you’re ready to rest your eye after spending some time in front of your laptop, the eyes would stop watering. this can be not the case for others. Some folks expertise uncontrolled tearing.

Causes of Watery Eyes


Pink eye is additionally called inflammation that may be a quite eye inflammation. A watery eye may be a common symptom of inflammation. Different symptoms embody excessive mucous secretion within the eye, reddening of the inner eyelids and bleary vision. Viruses like common colds square measure sometimes the most reason for most cases of pink eye. It will take multiple days up to weeks for the condition to be resolved.

Dry Eyes

Why would your eyes get watery after you have dry eyes? affirmative, this may sound unreasonable however dry disease typically ends up in extraordinarily watery eyes. Dry eyes will get irritating and uncomfortable. As the body’s natural response, the eyes start to produce more tears to get rid of the irritation. However it will get an excessive amount of for the eyes’ natural evacuation to handle, so inflicting the tears to overflow.

Aside from excessive watering of the eyes and constant irritation, dry disease can even cause vision issues, stinging, inflammation, redness and burning.


Almost 20% of the population or approximately 4.1 million Australians have a minimum of one variety of hypersensitivity reaction. Exposure to potential allergens like spore, dust, fumes, bound animals and others can trigger some symptoms. Excessive tearing of the eyes is one in every of the numerous common hypersensitivity. Apart from that, allergies also can cause redness, swelling and irritation within the eyes.

Bell’s Palsy

This condition will cause facial muscles to weaken or be paralytic because of some nerve injury. It additionally causes the face to droop or become stiff on the affected facet. Bell’s palsy also can have an effect on the eyes within the type of, excessive tearing, dry disease or the lack to shut one’s eye.

Blocked Tear Ducts

The tear ducts are the eyes’ natural drainage system. they’re the tiny holes within the corner of your eyes. The lacrimal glands turn out tears, then they wash over the surface of the attention then drained out through the tear ducts.

With blocked tear ducts, the tears accumulate in the eye surface and then overflow. There are several factors than cause blockage to the tear ducts like aging, inflammation, infection, injury and others.

This is the foremost common explanation for watery eyes for infants. Babies, particularly newborns are susceptible to blocked tear ducts however they typically resolve on their own.


These red painful lumps along the eyelid can also cause eyes to water too much. Styes area unit typically caused by microorganism and naturally disappear once daily or 2 as long as you allow it alone. Applying a heat compress on the attention will facilitate ease the pain away.

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Home remedies

Home remedies will treat some cases of watering eyes while not someone having to check a doctor.

People will treat several underlying causes or symptoms of watering eyes with over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops or medications.

Home remedies include:

  • taking a possibility from reading, observance TV, or using the computer
  • lubricating the eyes with eye drops, on the market to get over-the-counter or on-line
  • holding a heat, damp textile over the affected eye or eyes and massaging the lid to unharness any blockages
  • using an OTC medication to relieve allergy symptoms
  • using a modify eye wipe to get rid of any dirt and dust from the eyes and eyelids

The treatment for watery eyes depends on its root cause and the way severe the case is.

In some cases, eye doctors might advocate to simply wait it out and monitor however it progresses. On different cases, they will advocate one in every of the subsequent treatments and remedies.

  • Warm compress with a wet towel or face cloth to treat clogged tear ducts.
  • Removal of an inward-growing hair or any foreign object that occupy the eyes.
  • Prescription eye drops.
  • Medication for allergies.
  • Antibiotics for eye infection.

Bottom Line

Most cases of watery eyes aren’t serious and can resolve while not treatment. You must continually decision your medical specialist directly if you expertise any changes in your vision. Vision changes is a symbol of terribly serious eye issues that need prompt treatment.

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