Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Healthy Nails Naturally

Manicures alone won’t resolve your nail concerns. Instead, your nails require consistent, proper care and attention. Therefore, here are some nail care hacks, tips, and tricks that can be beneficial.

Nail Care Tips And Tricks

Opt for Buffing Over Nail Polish

An au naturel appearance is appealing at any time. Instead of applying nail polish, which still exposes your nails to chemicals even with the most natural brands on the market, opt for buffing.

Buffing enhances the nails and imparts a shine to them. It’s important to remember to buff gently and not too frequently to prevent damaging the texture of your nails.

Choose Safe Nail Polish Options

Exercise caution when selecting nail polish. It’s crucial to opt for “3 Free” polish, meaning it doesn’t contain the “toxic trio” — dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde. Studies have identified these three nail polish ingredients as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), rendering them highly detrimental to human health.

Moreover, it’s not advisable to eat with hands adorned with nail polish, as chips of the paint may chip off and fall into the food, eventually entering your body and causing harm. Instead, opt for natural, chemical-free nail polishes that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Avoid Water-Based Manicures

Steer clear of water-based manicures as the nail polish tends to chip more quickly. When your nail bed absorbs water and expands during immersion, it returns to its original shape upon removal from the water.

Applying nail polish while the nail bed is expanded is not advisable, as once it contracts, the nail polish may crack, resulting in chipping.

Instead, opt for an oil-based manicure, where you cleanse your nails and nail beds with an oil-based formula.

File Your Nails in a Single Direction

File your nails slowly and gently, moving the file in one direction. Otherwise, excessive filing can weaken the nails and cause premature breakage.

Filing in a consistent direction also promotes a smooth nail tip and facilitates achieving your desired nail shape. Aggressive filing, on the other hand, can encourage splitting and harm your nails.

Start by filing from one corner toward the center of the nail, then repeat from the opposite corner to the center, or vice versa. This method ensures a smooth finish without damaging your nail edges.

Refrain from Gel and Acrylic Nail Treatments

While gels, acrylics, and nail art are undeniably attractive, they unfortunately inflict significant harm on nails. It’s best to completely avoid them, if feasible.

Acrylic powder comprises numerous chemicals that can permeate the bloodstream through the delicate nail bed. Additionally, the UV lamps utilized in gel manicures can cause damage to the skin surrounding your nails and hands.

Use Gloves for Protection

For those who handle household chores themselves, this tip is crucial. Many cleaning detergents contain chemicals that can harm your nails upon contact.

Avoid Scraping Off Nail Polish

Scraping off nail polish is the most detrimental action you can take for your nails. It results in a rough and uneven nail surface and removes the top layer of your nails.

Finish with a Top Coat

Applying a top coat provides your manicure with a glossy, professional appearance and extends the longevity of your nail color, reducing the likelihood of chipping. Depending on your desired look, you can select from various top coats – opt for a matte top coat for a matte finish.

A useful nail care tip is to reapply a top coat to your nails every few days to prolong the lifespan of your manicure.

Use a Base Coat for Nail Protection

Applying a base coat offers protection to your nails and can contribute to their overall health. By applying a base coat, you create a protective barrier that shields your nails from discoloration and staining.

Moreover, using a base coat prolongs the lifespan of your manicure and ensures a smoother application of nail polish. Therefore, when painting your nails, remember not to skip applying a base coat – it’s definitely worthwhile.

Regularly Maintain Nail Length

Just as regular hair trims promote hair growth and health, the same principle applies to nail care. Utilize a nail cutter to trim them neatly.

Set aside time every few weeks to trim your nails and shape them according to your preference. Opt for a straight-line trim initially, then either square or round off the tips.

Moisturize Your Nails

Just like dryness and flakiness are detrimental to your skin, they also affect your nails negatively, making them prone to breakage. Therefore, it’s essential to moisturize them to enhance their strength.

Prioritize nail moisturization by selecting from various hand creams, cuticle oils/creams, or moisturizing oils. These products will aid in maintaining the health and shine of your nails and cuticles.

Prioritize Cleanliness

Maintaining nail hygiene is paramount! Regularly clean your nails and ensure that all your nail care tools are regularly washed and sanitized. Additionally, it’s essential to keep your nails at a manageable length to prevent dirt from accumulating underneath them.

Utilize natural disinfectants such as tea tree oil to ward off bacteria and safeguard your nails from germs.

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Nurture Your Cuticles

Cuticles are fragile and prone to damage. Proper cuticle care is essential for overall nail health.

Handle hangnails with care by gently trimming them to prevent protrusion or further discomfort. Avoid biting or picking at the cuticles.

Moisturize your cuticles regularly by applying either coconut or almond oil and gently massaging to nourish them.

Keep Your Fingernails Dry and Tidy

It all begins with germs and bacteria. It’s crucial to eliminate any opportunity for them to thrive. Regularly clean your nails and ensure they are thoroughly dried after washing to prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria underneath them. However, avoid excessive soaking of nails in water, as prolonged exposure may lead to splitting.

When washing dishes, it’s advisable to shield your fingernails with gloves. Additionally, ensure that the skin surrounding your nails remains clean and free of dirt.

We recommend using a toothbrush with a sprinkle of salt to gently scrub your nails and the surrounding skin, ensuring thorough cleanliness.

Bottom Line

You should prioritize nail care in the same manner as you do for your skin or hair. Even if you regularly visit a nail technician for professional manicures and pedicures, it’s important to dedicate time to care for and safeguard your nails. Establishing a consistent nail care routine can simplify the maintenance of healthy nails. Following these tips diligently can expedite your progress. Remember that simple lifestyle adjustments, rather than investing in expensive nail equipment, are the most effective way to attain stronger, healthier nails.

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