Hair Smoothening Treatments

Side Effects of Hair Smoothening Treatments

If you are a hair-obsessed woman with limited time for hair upkeep, smoothing will work wonders. This operation may be performed prior to any significant event, and you will be ready to flip your lovely tresses. But wait a minute! It will undoubtedly make you look fashionable, but you should be aware that it has a number of negative repercussions. If you have already undergone a hair relaxing or smoothing treatment, now is the time to reconsider. If you’re new to hair style, take a break and accept these side effects.

Hair smoothing treatments, also known as keratin smoothing or Brazilian blowouts, operate by breaking certain connections in your hair and then re-bonding them in a sleek and attractive shape.

The first step in the salon treatment technique is to wash your hair thoroughly. Your hair is then straightened using a chemical solution that weakens the cellular connection in the hair cuticle. Your hair is then blow-dried and flat-straightened at a high temperature. This creates a waterproof covering, which allows the hair strands to retain their new structure for 3 to 6 months.

Side Effects

May Lead To Denaturation Of Keratin

High heat and chemicals are used in hair smoothing treatments, which may denature keratin, a crucial hair protein. Denaturation weakens the hair, causing frizz and breakage. Excessive heat exposure affects the keratin structure and damages the cuticles, according to experimental research. Choosing gentler hair care is critical to preserving hair health and preventing long-term damage.

May Cause Contact Dermatitis

In certain people, hair smoothing procedures might cause contact dermatitis. This negative response is caused by sensitivity to treatment substances. According to one research, the Brazilian keratin treatment contains significant quantities of formaldehyde, which can induce severe allergic contact dermatitis. A 37-year-old woman’s case showed facial edema and scalp irritation a day after receiving BKT. As a result, vigilance is advised because inflammation is possible.


Let’s face it: smoothing your hair takes time and effort. Maintaining smoothed hair and making it seem immaculate takes a lot of effort. The stress of polishing each strand may take its toll on you. Not to mention the large amounts you’ll have to spend on specific serums and shampoos to keep the smoothing effect going.

Health Hazards

Beauty comes with its own set of baggage, one of which being health concerns. The chemicals used in keratin smoothing can cause respiratory and skin issues. Inhaling these chemical compounds might cause breathing difficulties and other respiratory disorders.

People with sensitive skin should exercise extreme caution when having their hair smoothed since these chemicals can cause itching, redness, and outbreaks.

Hair Discoloration

Hair darkening is a major side effect that you may or may not notice right away. The use of serums during the hair smoothing process, followed by the powerful chemical-based shampoos advised after keratin treatment, might induce premature graying of the hair.

Hair Thinning

You may believe that your hair is being treated if you attend the spa on a frequent basis. However, it is getting exposed to a variety of pollutants! The density of your hair may decrease after a smoothing treatment owing to breakage and thinness induced by the high temperature of the flat iron. This may result in hair loss, split ends, and discolouration.


Imagine waking up every other day with greasy, stinky hair. Excessive use of hair lotions and serums to keep hair smooth creates greasiness. Serums and lotions are frequently suggested to prevent hair from damage, but applying them too frequently may render them ineffective. Serums can flatten your hair and make it seem oily if used frequently. Dandruff and other hair disorders can result from constant greasiness.


Dandruff is without a doubt one of the most serious hair concerns. It removes all of the sweetness while wreaking havoc on your delicate scalp. In fact, dandruff can be a forerunner to a variety of other hair issues, such as an itchy scalp and scalp inflammation.

The chemicals used in hair smoothing treatments build up on the scalp as sediments. These sediments operate as a stimulant in the formation of dandruff flakes, causing itching, hair loss, and greasiness.

Split Ends

When you find one split end, you know a huge army of split ends is close behind! And getting rid of them (without having to cut your hair) might take from weeks to months. Split ends can be caused by exposing your hair to high-temperature heat during a hair smoothing treatment. These chemical treatments sap the natural moisture from your hair strands, resulting in split ends. Split ends not only harm your hair strands, but they also weaken your hair follicles.

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Extreme Dryness

For the first several months, keratin smoothing makes it easier to manage your wild curls. However, after a few washes, it may cause excessive hair dryness. Toxins that change the structure of your hair strands also cause damage from root to tip. Harsh chemicals cause increased porosity in the hair, making it harder for the hair to retain moisture. Another cause of dryness is the penetration of chemicals into the scalp, which causes irritation and flakiness. Toxin deposits that stay on the hair strands contribute to hair brittleness. As a result, it is important to oil your hair often to minimize dryness and tangling.

Damage To The Natural Hair Texture

We used to like our hair, regardless of its texture, when we were kids. But as we grew older, curiosity took over and drove us to undergo dangerous operations to make our hair ‘parlor-ready.’

The smoothing treatment breaks and rebonds the amino acids and disulfide bonds in your hair strands, momentarily giving them a new structure. As a result, the natural texture of your hair is gone.

Dizziness, Teary Eyes, And Skin Rashes

Hair straightening treatments use strong chemicals that can induce nausea and dizziness. A burning feeling around your eyes and irritation in your larynx are also possible. This therapy has an effect on your scalp and hair as well.

The skin is the most delicate organ in your body, and it is easily damaged. Because the chemicals are not meant to come into contact with anything other than your hair, inadvertent skin contact might result in blisters or rashes on your scalp, face, and neck. Hair smoothing treatments also include formaldehyde, which causes the epidermal layer of your skin to become harsh, itchy, and red.

Chronic Hair Fall

Hair loss may or may not influence your appearance, but one must consider more than just the cosmetic element of it. After all, it might be an indicator of health problems.

The most prevalent negative effect of hair smoothing is hair loss. Excessive use of toxic chemicals and heat causes hair follicles to weaken and detach at the roots, resulting in hair loss. As the months pass, the hair strands lose their natural strength and begin to break.

Bottom Line

Hair smoothing treatments are well-known for making your hair velvety smooth and for assisting with hair care and styling. However, as the old adage goes, healthy hair is a sign of gorgeous hair. Using these smoothing treatments dramatically reduces the health of your hair. These treatments damage the links between your hair strands in order to affect the structure of your hair. This exposes your hair to major damage such as hair loss, texture degeneration, split ends, dandruff, dryness, and other issues.

Natural straightening therapies are preferable to keratin smoothing or Brazilian blowout treatments for preventing hair breakage since they are softer and less damaging.

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