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Orange Peels: Boost Your Life with These Hidden Benefits

Orange peels are surprisingly the healthiest part of the fruit. Research indicates that they are packed with flavonoids and a variety of essential phytochemicals that provide numerous health benefits. For instance, while the flesh of an orange contains approximately 71 milligrams of vitamin C, the peel boasts over 136 milligrams.

In terms of nutrition, orange peels are rich in copper, calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, various B vitamins, and dietary fiber.

Benefits Of Orange Peels

Boost Hair Growth

Orange peels are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that can enhance the density of dermal papilla (DP) in hair follicles through angiogenesis. This process is linked to hair growth and structural improvements, particularly as we age. Research suggests that vitamin C is effective in stimulating dermal papillae in cell cultures due to its antioxidant properties, leading to increased cell proliferation and a boost in total antioxidant capacity (TAC). This highlights the potential of orange peels as a natural aid for promoting healthier hair growth.

Make Skin Glow

Orange peel is highly beneficial for the skin, helping to treat blackheads, dead cells, acne, and blemishes, while also brightening the complexion. For an extra glow or to remove tan, you can mix orange peel with milk or curd.

Elizabeth Quinn, MS, CNS, FMCHC, notes, “An in vitro study in 2016 found that antioxidant substances in mandarin orange peel could be a promising anti-wrinkle agent when used in skincare products.”

She adds, “Orange peels are rich in vitamin C, which, when used in topical products, has been shown to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen production. The acidic pH of orange peels also enhances the skin’s absorption of vitamin C.”

Protect Teeth

The antibacterial qualities of orange peels shield against dental cavities, offering dental protection. Moreover, you can naturally whiten your teeth using orange peels. Limonene, found in orange peels, serves as a natural scent and solvent, aiding in the natural whitening of teeth.

Assist in Combating Inflammation

A study conducted in New York highlights the remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of orange peel. Additional research indicates that orange peels can reduce inflammation in a manner akin to indomethacin, an anti-inflammatory medication.

Furthermore, the flavonoids present in orange peels have the ability to penetrate membranes and alleviate inflammation.

Improve Digestive Wellness

The fiber found in fruit peels supports digestion and encourages regular bowel movements. Historical records and studies demonstrate the traditional use of citrus fruit peels for managing digestive ailments since ancient times.

Enhance Eye Health

While information on this topic is limited, certain sources suggest that compounds such as limonene, decanal, and citral found in orange peels may contribute to improved eye health. These compounds possess anti-inflammatory properties that combat infections and support vision clarity.

Aid in Weight Management

Instead of resorting to potentially hazardous weight loss surgeries or medications, consider embracing a nutritious diet. Oranges are low in calories, making them a valuable component of weight loss regimens. Moreover, their high dietary fiber content helps regulate appetite and prevent overeating.

Additionally, orange peels contain vitamin C, which is recognized for its role in fat metabolism.

Promote Heart Health

Orange peels are abundant in hesperidin, a flavonoid known for its ability to reduce both blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Additionally, the peel’s anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial in addressing heart disease, which is often linked to inflammation.

Moreover, orange peels contain polymethoxylated flavones, another group of compounds that have been shown to effectively lower cholesterol levels, outperforming certain prescribed medications.

Assists in Managing Diabetes

Orange peels are abundant in pectin, a type of fiber known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels, potentially benefiting individuals with diabetes. Research has demonstrated how the administration of orange peel extract can help prevent diabetic nephropathy, a complication of diabetes.

Moreover, as previously mentioned, orange peels contain RLIP76 protein, the elimination of which can help prevent diabetes, making orange peel a valuable dietary addition for managing the condition.

Additionally, the glycemic load of the fruit is only 5, indicating that orange peels cause a minimal increase in blood sugar levels.

Enhance Respiratory Health

Due to their high vitamin C content, orange peels assist in breaking down congestion and purifying the lungs. Vitamin C additionally bolsters the immune system, aiding in the prevention and defense against lung infections.

Orange peels facilitate the expulsion of phlegm, effectively cleansing the lungs. Improved immunity also serves as a preventive measure against conditions such as colds and flu.

Contribute to Cancer Prevention

Research indicates that the flavonoids present in orange peels inhibit a protein known as RLIP76, which is associated with cancer development. Furthermore, orange peels contain limonene, another compound known to reduce the risk of cancer.

Additional studies highlight the effectiveness of citrus peels overall in preventing cancerous activities in notable ways.

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Uses Of Orange Peels

  • You Can Make Candies
    Slice the peels into ¼ inch strips and place them in a large saucepan. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil over high heat. Drain and repeat this process twice. In a separate small bowl, mix 1 ½ cups of sugar with ¾ cup of water. Pour this mixture into a saucepan and bring it to a medium simmer. Let it cook for about 10 minutes. Then, add the peels and simmer for an hour without stirring to avoid crystallization. Drain the syrup and spread the peels on a drying rack for approximately 5 hours. Store them in an airtight container once dried.
  • You Can Make Tea
    Place fresh orange peels in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat and allow the peels to steep for an hour. Strain the water to make tea.
  • You Can Polish Wooden or Stainless Steel Surfaces
    You can use orange peels alone or with vinegar to polish surfaces. Simply apply a drop or two of vinegar onto the peels for effective polishing.
  • You Can Make an Air Freshener
    Boiling orange peels in water can naturally freshen the air in your surroundings. Inhaling the steam can even provide relief from headaches.

Bottom Line

The advantages of orange peel stem from its abundant nutritional content. Rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins A, B, and C, it contributes to the well-being of various bodily functions, including those of the lungs, heart, eyes, and digestive system. Additionally, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties potentially enhance skin health. Beyond its health benefits, orange peel finds versatile use in cooking, as well as in the preparation of teas, candies, and air fresheners. However, it’s important to note that excessive consumption of orange peel may lead to adverse effects. If you encounter any negative reactions, it’s advisable to reduce usage and consult with a medical professional.

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