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Natural Home Remedies To Soften Your Hands

All day long, your hands are engaged in activities that expose them to the elements of nature. Additionally, a chilly, dry climate might make your hands rough. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for some natural ways to soften your hands. With the correct cosmetic techniques and advice at your disposal, you can easily combat the issue of dry hands and maintain soft, smooth hands.

The majority of the day is spent using our hands. Our hands end up performing a lot of labor and are exposed to a range of factors, which causes our palms to become rough, calloused, and dry. You don’t need to go see a dermatologist or a doctor right immediately if you’re wondering how to permanently soften rough hands. Nature has given us a variety of chemicals that, when applied properly, may help give your hands new life and make them soft and smooth.

Causes of Dry Hands

The majority of the time, environmental causes cause skin dryness. Your hands or skin may also become particularly dry in rare circumstances due to irritants or certain health issues.

Environmental Irritants/Workplace Conditions

People who often wash their hands with potent hand sanitizers are more likely to develop dry hands. People who wash dishes for an extended period of time frequently have dry hands. Your skin’s natural oils can be removed by the strong surfactants in detergents and soaps, leaving your hands excessively dry.


You may have observed that during the winter months, your hands and the rest of your body tend to dry out. Dry air is a result of the cold season. As a result, your hands can’t hold onto the moisture, thereby causing them to go dry.

Home Remedies

Lemon, Tomato, and Olive Oil Skin Pack

The greatest method to maintain the health of your hands this summer is to practice prevention rather than treatment. Your skin might be affected by the harsh sun and age more quickly as well. To create a tangy paste, blend together some tomato slices, olive oil, and half a lemon’s juice. Before leaving, apply this to your hands and rinse it off after ten minutes. While the oil and lemon protect your skin from age-related damage, the antioxidants in tomatoes assist to rejuvenate your skin, preserving the suppleness of your hands.

It’s not as hard as it looks to get your palms’ smooth, young appearance back. You may use these quick and simple at-home cures for smooth hands into your regular skincare regimen to start seeing results in a matter of days.

Yoghurt Mixed with Some Multani Mitti

While dehydration is a significant factor in the drying out of the skin on your hands, prolonged exposure to the sun, particularly in the summer, may be quite damaging to the skin. For the majority of people, it also causes unhealthful skin darkening. A yoghurt-Multani mixture might be useful in this situation. By using this mixture as an exfoliating scrub on the hands, you may also lighten the skin and restore its gorgeous sheen. It’s a good idea to use it for around 15 minutes each day and then wash it off.

Applying Petroleum Jelly for Moisturisation

When it comes to moisturizing, petroleum jelly should be used without hesitation. Its potency as a moisturizer is the precise reason it is well-liked as a lip balm. All you need to do is spread jelly on your hands and let it sit there all night. Your hands might become softer once again if you do this on a daily basis.

Putting Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to Good Use

We are all aware of the numerous uses for coconut oil. It is also an emollient, similar to honey, which enhances the skin’s natural moisture content. Put on some gloves and apply some coconut oil to your hands at night so it may stay there till morning.

Oatmeal as an Effective Scrub

It turns out that many nutritious food items also have a number of other applications and advantages. An oatmeal combination serves as the ideal treatment for dry skin, which is one of the main causes of your hands’ dryness and roughness. Oatmeal is transformed into a scrub by being ground, powdered, and combined with coconut oil. This scrub aids in exfoliating and also has a moisturizing effect. As an alternative, moisturizers containing oats in them can be utilized.

Applying Some Egg Yolks

This advice tends to be the most unexpected of all the ones offered here. Consuming eggs has several advantages, and they can even help your hair look better. Your skin benefits greatly from the conditioning qualities that the yolk possesses because of the lecithin molecule. Making your hands softer may be achieved by massaging them with a whisked egg yolk three times each week. To get rid of the odor, wash your hands afterwards with a perfumed natural handwash.

Stay hydrated

You may use water for more than simply handwashing. Enough water consumption may aid in flushing out your system, which may enhance your complexion and give it a more radiant look.

It is advised that you consume at least 8 glasses of water each day to be well hydrated.

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A Palm Scrub Made of Sugar

The main cause of your hands not being sufficiently moisturized is typically the presence of dry skin on the surface. These flakes hinder the healthy skin beneath from receiving the essential hydration. Scrubbing these flakes off with a sugary combination promotes exfoliation and allows your skin to breathe. You just need a tiny amount of coconut oil and sugar to cleanse your hands, and after rinsing it off, apply a moisturizer.

Application of Raw Honey

Honey may be used for the goodness of skin health in addition to being a tasty addition to your diet due to its texture and composition. Because honey naturally has emollient properties, one of its actions is to hydrate the skin and calm its pores. All it takes to restore the smoothness of your hands’ skin is two daily applications of raw honey followed by 30 minutes of washing.

Using Some Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera extract has long been a staple of cosmetics, appearing in both mass-produced items and fast home treatments. It is advantageous for keeping your hands soft since it has a significant number of polysaccharides, which keep your skin moisturised in a healthy way. Take a small amount of aloe vera gel and thoroughly rub it into your hands. After 30 minutes, rinse it off. Your palms will get softer over time if you do this twice daily.

Applying Sweet Almond Oil

Your hands stay supple because moisture is present. This is made possible in large part by naturally occurring fatty acids, which are plentiful in sweet almond oil. Simply apply some almond oil to your hands and leave them alone until the oil is absorbed by the skin. At the very least, this should be done each day. You may also let it sit on overnight.

Medical conditions that affect your skin

The suppleness of your hands might be impacted by specific medical disorders. You may suffer dry hands with skin that peels and splits if you have a skin inflammatory disorder like psoriasis or eczema. With your dermatologist, go through your alternatives for smoother hands.

Your hands’ blood flow may be decreased if you have an autoimmune disease like diabetes or lupus. Your hands could become more readily inflamed as a result of this. Discuss your alternatives with your doctor if this is harming the suppleness of your hands.

Bottom Line

The majority of individuals attribute dry hands to a hectic lifestyle. However, they may be managed and made gentler by making minor lifestyle adjustments, such wearing gloves and using moisturizer.

Your hands may become dry and rough due to certain medical disorders, extreme weather fluctuations, exposure to chemicals and other environmental irritants, and harsh weather conditions. Fortunately, there are a number of natural therapies you may use to soften your hands once again. These efficient treatments employ ingredients that are easily accessible, such as petroleum jelly, egg yolk, coconut oil, sugar scrub, aloe vera, honey, oatmeal, and almond oil. Avoid using harsh detergents or chemical soaps, moisturize regularly, use protective gloves when performing household tasks, and get treatment for any psoriasis or eczema you may already have if you want to avoid having dry hands.

Consult a physician or dermatologist if you experience symptoms that go beyond what you would consider typical roughness and dryness. They can decide which hand-softening choices are ideal for you.

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