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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles beneath the eyes are a very typical sight. These can occasionally be seen with drooping skin around the eyes, giving them a baggy look. Dark circles can appear on both men and women. The most frequent reasons are stress, sleep deprivation, and exhaustion.

As you become older, your skin begins to lose its initial firmness and collagen. The thin region under your eyes may look darker than normal because the blood vessels under your skin may appear more prominent. A fluid imbalance around your lower eyelids or swelling around your eyes, for example, might cause your skin to seem darker. Additionally, a black eye or an injury to the region can make the entire eye look darker.

Why Do We Get Eye Circles?

We’re all going to age eventually, and that includes developing under-eye bags and dark circles, even if you’ve spent your whole life treating your skin with the utmost care.

Regardless of the type of skin you have or the excellent habits you practice, veins will eventually start to show through the thin skin around your eyes since the skin naturally loses collagen with time and becomes thinner. As we already know, exposure to the sun hastens the breakdown of collagen, thus your greatest defense against under-eye circles is constant and disciplined sunscreen use practices beginning at a young age. (Also helpful is wearing sunglasses outside; less squinting equals less crow’s feet!)

But even the finest practices can’t alter your genetic makeup! The main factor influencing our skin type and how we will look as we age is genetics. Because our blood gathers in the capillaries under our eyes, it is just more noticeable through lighter skin, those of us with pale or thin skin tend to display under circles more readily than others.

Unfortunately, when blood builds up there, your tiny capillaries start to stretch and strain under the weight, which causes more blood to seep out and pool, which in turn results in even deeper under-eye circles.

However, for some people, aging, sun exposure, or genetics aren’t to blame for their dark under-eye circles and under-eye bags. Sometimes it’s just a basic allergy issue. Histamines, which create an inflammatory reaction, are released in response to year-round allergies like those to dust or mold or seasonal allergies, which many of us encounter in the spring. That implies that our blood vessels, especially those under our eyes, enlarge and become inflamed.

Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Straining Your Eyes

Excessive computer, phone, or television usage can strain your eyes and cause an expansion of the blood vessels around your eyes, which results in dark circles.

History Of Dark Circles

It’s possible that you might get dark circles later in life if your family has a history of having them. Dark circles can also be a symptom of underlying diseases like thyroid dysfunction.

Exposure To The Sun

Long-term sun exposure might cause your skin to overproduce melanin. The skin surrounding your eyes may get discolored as a result of this.


Your skin may appear drab and pallid if you aren’t properly hydrated. Your eyes may appear sunken, which can make the skin around you appear darker.


Your body releases histamines in response to dangerous microorganisms, which can cause blood vessels to expand. This makes them more noticeable on your skin and gives the area around your eyes a darker-than-normal appearance.

Straining Your Eyes

Excessive computer, phone, or television usage can strain your eyes and cause an expansion of the blood vessels around your eyes, which results in dark circles.


Dark circles often develop as you age as a result of excessive pigmentation. The skin around your eyes may thin down and lose collagen as you age. The black blood vessels under your skin become more noticeable as a result.


Sleep deprivation, physical and mental exhaustion, or even oversleeping can all lead to fatigue. Dark circles beneath your eyes might be brought on by any of these. Sleep deprivation might eventually make your skin appear pale and make your eyes appear swollen. The dark circles may become more noticeable as a result. Possible shadows of puffed-up eyelids are dark circles.

Symptoms Of Dark Circles

  • Cyanosis: Your body occasionally has trouble getting oxygen-rich blood to all the different regions of your body. Your skin may acquire a blue color as a result of this. It can be seen in the lips, eye area, mucous membranes, and nails.
  • tiredness brought on by lack of sleep
  • gradually developing a black circle under your eyes
  • weakness and strain
  • The lower eyelid region seems swollen, and eye bags start to appear.

Home Remedies

Grapeseed Oil

Bioactive substances included in grapeseed oil have the ability to prevent melanogenesis. Dark circles and pigmentation may be lessened as a result.

Apply 2-3 drops of grapeseed oil to the area around your lower eyelids and gently massage it in. Put it on at night, then wash it off in the morning. This can be done nightly for a few weeks.

In addition to using these at-home cures for dark circles, you may also get medical attention to lessen their appearance.

Green Tea Bags

Melanogenesis is prevented by phenolic chemicals found in green tea. This could lessen dark circles and stop the skin from becoming too pigmented.

Two green tea bags should be soaked in water. After briefly cooling, apply them to your eyes. After 10 to 15 minutes, wash your face. Repeat each day until the dark circles disappear.


Polyphenols found in honey block tyrosinase action. This can help lighten dark circles and lessen excessive pigmentation.

One spoonful of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice are combined. Apply this concoction to the area around your eyes, then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Use water to thoroughly rinse. Once daily until the dark circles are gone.


Carotenoids and riboflavin are examples of bioactive substances that support saffron’s anti-tyrosinase action. These substances could lessen the appearance of dark circles and prevent excessive skin pigmentation.

Saffron strands should be soaked for around two hours in 1/4 cup of milk. Apply the milk to the area around your eyes after straining it. It may be removed in about 10 minutes with water.


Azelaic acid, which is found in potato juice, can stop tyrosinase from working, which will lessen pigmentation. This could aid in lightening dark circles.

In a dish, collect around 1-2 teaspoons of potato liquid. The juice should be applied on the dark circles and left on until it cures. Use water to wash off. At least twice a week, perform this.


L-cysteine, which is present in yogurt, blocks tyrosinase action to prevent pigmentation and dark circles.

To two tablespoons of yogurt, add one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply the paste on the dark circles after thoroughly mixing, and let it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Clean it off. You should perform this at least twice every week.

Note: Some skin types are sensitive to lemon. Before using this treatment, be careful to conduct a patch test.

Licorice Extract

Glabridin, a substance found in licorice extracts, prevents the formation of melanin. This result may assist in lessening the visibility of dark circles.

To make a smooth paste, combine a vitamin K tablet and a few drops of licorice extract thoroughly. Use this paste to cover your dark circles, then leave it on for ten minutes. Wash it completely. This paste can be used three times per week.

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Rosehip Oil

Proanthocyanidins found in rosehip oil have melanogenesis [“melanogenesis is the formation of melanin pigment by melanocytes that results in skin lightening. As a result, it could prevent pigmentation and lighten dark circles under your eyes.

Take a little rosehip oil. Apply it on the dark circles using a cotton pad after diluting it with coconut oil. After using it all night, wash it off in the morning. Every night, use this cure until the dark rings are gone.

Lemon Juice

Vitamin C is abundantly present in lemons. Vitamin C has anti-pigmentary effects and might contribute to a greater skin thickness behind the eyes. This can lessen dark circles and hide blood vessels that become evident as the skin ages and thins.

Fresh lemon juice should be extracted. Apply this juice with a cotton ball dipped in it on the dark circles. 15 minutes after applying, wash it off. For three to four weeks, use this medication twice weekly.

Before using this therapy, conduct a patch test on an inconspicuous area of your skin to see whether lemon juice stings. Lemon juice can make your skin hypersensitive, so be sure to use sunscreen before going outside in the sun.


Lycopene and beta-carotene, two phytochemicals abundant in tomatoes, protect skin tissues from oxidative damage and lessen erythema (redness). The dark circles that form under the eyes may fade as a result.

Blend a tomato and lemon juice to create a paste. Put this there, then leave it be for 20 minutes. Give it a good rinsing. Do this a couple of times each week.

Before using this cure, you should do a patch test since lemon juice might hurt your skin.


Bioactive substances and vitamins found in cucumbers have the ability to block tyrosinase activity. The pigmentation around the eyes may be reduced as a result.

A cucumber and a teaspoon of aloe vera gel are required. Make a thick paste by blending all the ingredients. To the damaged areas, apply this paste, and then let it on for 15 minutes. Use simple water to rinse off. This paste may be used once day.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloesin, a substance that prevents tyrosinase activity, is found in aloe vera gel. This might aid in avoiding skin pigmentation issues that are extreme. Additionally, it helps moisturize the nearby skin and make it supple.

A teaspoon of aloe vera gel should be applied to the region that is hurt. After using it all night, wash it off in the morning. You can carry out this each night till the under-eye circles lighten.

Sweet Almond Oil

Both sclerosant and emollient characteristics are present in sweet almond oil. By enhancing skin tone, it may help lessen the visibility of blood vessels under the skin.

Apply a cotton ball with 2–3 drops of sweet almond oil. Massage it into your skin after applying it on the dark circles. overnight, then wash it off in the morning. Do this each night before bed until the under-eye circles are gone.

Bottom Line

Many different things, including stress and exhaustion, allergies, dehydration, age, and sun exposure, can contribute to dark circles beneath the eyes. To lessen the look of black circles and hydrate the delicate skin beneath your eyes, try using almond oil, aloe vera gel, cucumber, tomatoes, rosehip oil, yogurt, potatoes, or licorice extract. However, you must carefully follow the instructions for the home remedies you select since they may not work if the incorrect quantities or component combinations are used. Blepharopigmentation, laser therapy, and chemical peeling are a few medical methods for treating dark circles.

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