Home Remedies that work

Home Remedies that work

Cities are seeing a rise in the number of meditation studios. Additionally, both holistic and conventional doctors commend the health advantages of herbs like cumin and turmeric.



According to several research, individuals who consume more garlic have a lower risk of developing some types of cancer (garlic pills don’t appear to have the same impact). It might possibly lower blood pressure and cholesterol, although it doesn’t seem to make a big difference.

Green Tea

This soothing beverage does more than just keep you aware and awake. It’s a fantastic source of some potent antioxidants that can shield your cells from harm and support your body’s immune system. Your risk of developing heart disease and specific cancers, such as skin, breast, lung, and colon cancer, may even be reduced.


It turns out that sex can help relieve pain when you have certain types of headaches, especially migraines, so no more, “Not tonight, Dear.” Additionally, it has been demonstrated to strengthen the heart, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity.


Studies demonstrate that it is effective for treating nausea and vomiting. It has been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine to cure stomachaches, diarrhea, and nausea. There is some evidence to suggest that it may also ease menstrual cramps. But not everyone will benefit from it. It causes stomachaches, heartburn, gas, diarrhea, and other symptoms in some people and may interfere with the effectiveness of other drugs. So see your doctor, and utilize it responsibly.


This spice has received a lot of attention for its purported ability to treat everything from fatty liver to arthritis. This is supported by some preliminary research. Other assertions, like curing ulcers and treating skin rashes brought on by radiation, lack supporting evidence. Avoid taking it in excess if you try it because high amounts can create digestive issues.


For a cough, this natural sweetener might be equally as effective as over-the-counter medications. For kids who aren’t old enough to take those, that might be extremely useful. But do not give it to a baby or a toddler who is under the age of one. There is a slight possibility that they could become really ill from a rare but severe form of food poisoning. Additionally, despite what you may have heard, studies do not support the claim that “local” honey can treat allergies.


Mint has been utilized as a health aid for hundreds of years. Peppermint oil may be beneficial for headaches as well as irritable bowel syndrome, a chronic illness that can produce cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. More research is required to determine how much and why it is helpful. Although there is little proof that the leaf is effective for any of the aforementioned conditions, people nevertheless use it for them.

Take Care

Before attempting any home cure, speak with your doctor or pharmacist, regardless of what you’ve heard or how desperately you desire relief. This is crucial if you use prescription or OTC medications because some of them can alter how the pills work. Also keep in mind that many of them lack supporting studies.

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Chicken Soup

Grandma was correct, it can help with a cold, it turns out. According to studies, it can reduce symptoms and hasten your recovery. Additionally, it reduces edema and drains nasal liquids.

Neti Pot

You fill a small teapot-like object with a salty solution made of warm water. Then let it drain out of the other nose while pouring it through the other. It takes a little effort, but if you get the hang of it, it can help you relieve allergy or cold symptoms and may even hasten the recovery from a cold. Just be sure to maintain your neti pot clean and use purified or cooled, boiled water.


You may have heard that it can aid those who have prediabetes or diabetes in managing their blood sugar. However, there is no proof that it has any therapeutic effects for any illnesses. Be cautious if you decide to give it a try because cinnamon extracts might damage your liver if taken in high amounts.

Hot Bath

It’s beneficial for a variety of conditions like arthritis, back pain, and joint pain that affect your muscles, bones, and tendons (the tissues that connect your muscles to your bones). Additionally, stretching and working out in warm water can assist improve blood flow to places that need it. However, if you have a skin issue, specifically, don’t make it too hot. The perfect temperature range is 92 to 100 F.

Ice Pack

In the first 48 hours following an accident, apply ice wrapped in a plastic bag, a moist towel, or a bag of frozen peas to reduce discomfort and swelling. It can also be used to wounds that repeatedly cause pain and swelling, but only after physical activity, not before. Never leave ice on your skin for longer than 20 minutes, and remove it if it becomes red.

Petroleum Jelly

This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as helping your skin retain moisture and avoiding chafing on the inner of your thighs while you’re running. Additionally, it can aid in preventing diaper rash on your baby’s skin.

Ear Candling

Avoid doing this since it is risky and ineffective. The goal is to remove wax from your ear by inserting the unlit end of a lit, hollow candle into your ear. However, a number of things could go wrong: it could push earwax further in, candle wax could enter your ear, it could pierce your eardrum, or it could burn your face, scalp, or hair. If you suspect that you have an earwax issue, consult your doctor.

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