Food Ideas When You Have a Toothache

Among the worst things that you can feel physically is pain that has to do with your mouth and teeth. Oral sores and toothaches are not only painful, but also affect the way you talk, eat, and drink. The only solution is to treat the ailing tooth or numb the sore.

If you have had any type of oral surgery, your dentist may prescribe a soft-food diet — in other words, food a baby would eat.

What Causes Toothaches?

There are various reasons why a person feels toothaches. It can be due to cavities or oral abscess. Dental procedures such as oral prophylaxis (dental cleaning) can also make the teeth extra sensitive. Tooth extraction and other surgeries may cause toothache during the recovery period as well.

A toothache is caused by the inflammation of the tooth’s central portion, called the pulp. Gum inflammation and infection can also give you a toothache since the gums surround the teeth. When your gums are inflamed or irritated, it will automatically affect the tooth.

Common Symptoms of Toothache

Tooth pain can be immediately felt once the gums around the teeth become inflamed or swollen. You may feel sharp, throbbing pain, and overall sensitivity around the tooth. A headache and fever may accompany a toothache, and you may have bad taste in your mouth that comes from a possibly infected tooth. You will also feel pain when you chew, especially when you consume hot and/or cold food and drinks. When you notice these symptoms, and they persist, go to a dentist.

Food to Eat

Food that you can eat comfortably while bearing the pain in your teeth.

Milkshakes/fruit shakes

You don’t even need teeth to drink milkshakes and fruit shakes.

Pureed meat

Meat is pureed when you need to feed a baby or a person with a dental condition. The end product is a liquid gravy that will give no discomfort while swallowing. You can season pureed meat with salt and pepper and even add extra nutrition by grinding in some vegetables.

Tuna and salmon

Your palette is tingling for something other than the taste of bitter painkillers; tuna and salmon are the right fish that can satisfy your seafood craving and avoid causing distress to your teeth.


Whether it is greed or the fact that you can’t restrain yourself, you end up eating pasta every second day of the week. But when you’re having a particularly bad tooth day, pasta is the recommended item on the menu. It melts in your mouth and leaves no room for your teeth to exercise. Problem solved.


Despite being a popular breakfast item, you can’t resist staying away from pancakes for the rest of the day. Soft and flavoured with sweet syrup, it is very easy to chew pancakes, and no tooth ache can stop you.

Muffins and soft cakes

Extra soft and moist muffins (without toppings) or light sponge cakes that will put the weight of a feather to shame, both are excellent choices to have while battling the pain in your teeth. Just don’t go overboard, or, you’ll get a…tooth ache!

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You don’t need to tell someone even with a tooth ache to gobble down custard and pudding. These sweet milk-based desserts can bypass any agonizing ache and by the time you know it, you’ll be too full to remember the tooth pain.

Soups with mushy ingredients

Forsaking appetizers for soup? You must have a cold.

Or in this case, a severe tooth ache. The soup can be light or thick, but the accompanying ingredients will need a good pounding before they are added to the broth.

Yogurt, Cheese and milk

Dairy products are your solace when your tooth ache acts up. Milk and yogurt will easily slip in and your teeth won’t even notice their presence.

Mashed fruits and vegetables

Nothing spells a good work-out for your teeth like fruits and vegetables. But you are a slave to your diet and hence, require your daily dose of nutritional supplements. To make vegetables easier to eat, they have to be mashed till you achieve a smooth semi-solid consistency.

Foods to Avoid When You Have a Toothache

You might be following a strict diet or meal plan, but if you have a toothache, you’ll generally need to avoid eating certain foods that will aggravate the toothache and make chewing a challenge. While you’re suffering from a toothache, avoid these food items:

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits
  • Spicy and salty foods
  • Raw vegetables
  • Meat
  • Granola

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