Side Fat

Exercises To Get Rid of Side Fat

It might be challenging to lose side weight or love handles. To get rid of side fat, you’ll need to lose weight generally rather than attempting activities that are said to target a specific body part. However, by performing workouts that focus on the abs and obliques, you may lose weight more rapidly and tone muscles to lessen the look of fat in your sides. These workouts, together with a balanced diet, can help you feel your best.

The extra flab on your sides is referred to as side fat. You could eliminate it by engaging in workouts for side fat. It is sometimes referred to as a muffin top. Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every other day for two weeks may help decrease side fat and create a smaller waist.

Exercises To Reduce Side Fat

Tummy Tuck

This is another total-body exercise that is excellent for burning side fat and toning the arms and abdomen. Although there are three sections to the dance, novices can begin with only one and work their way up to doing the entire exercise.

As you stand, keep your abs firm and your feet apart. To assume the plank posture, move forward while bending your knees slightly and keeping your legs straight. Try to touch your right knee to your right elbow by bending your right knee. Now bring that knee to your chest in the middle. Straighten the leg and repeat with your left leg after moving it to the left and touching it to your left elbow. Do 15 repetitions while alternating.

Dumbbell Side Bend

Russian twists can be replaced with dumbbell side bends, a more advanced variation of your side bend stretching workout. It’s a lethal maneuver with the elegance of a ballerina that can obliterate side fat.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. As low as you can, stoop from the waist to your left side, while simultaneously arching your arms overhead. As you straighten, repeat on the opposite side. Do 20 repetitions while alternating.

Hip Dips

Along with all the advantages of a side plank, this exercise is particularly good in toning your oblique muscles.

Set up a forearm plank and then roll to one side while holding the position. Put your free hand on your hip once you’ve regained balance, then begin dipping your lower hip toward the floor up and down. 15 repetitions on each side.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are excellent for toning the abs, reducing muffin tops, and strengthening the core.

Your feet should be flat on the floor while you lay on your back. Straighten both of your legs while placing your hand beneath your bum. As high as you comfortably can, extend your legs, then bring them back down without hitting the ground. Always keep your legs straight. Perform 15 repetitions.


This Pilates exercise focuses primarily on the muscles on your sides. It works well to reduce love handles or muffin tops and effectively slims the waist.

Legs straight and feet stacked together, lie on your right side. If it helps, cross your ankles, but keep them together. Additionally, keep your legs slightly in front of you to rest your bum cheek rather than your hip. As high as you can, raise your legs, then quickly descend them. Perform 15 repetitions.

Triangle With Dumbbell

The Triangle position is a fantastic abdominal and side stretch for your hamstrings and sides. But when you incorporate weights into the exercise, it greatly improves your ability to tone your obliques.

Place your feet apart as you stand. Both your right and left feet should be pointed forward. Your right hand should be holding a dumbbell. Straighten your arm high and slightly to the side while holding a heavy dumbbell. Now stoop to your left and attempt using your left hand to touch the floor there. With your back straight, descend as far as you can without jeopardizing the posture. 15 repetitions on each side.

Piked Elbow Twists

Piked Elbow Twists are a useful workout for toning your obliques and reducing side fat. Cassey Ho, a Pop Pilates instructor, developed the technique to help people lose love handles.

Lay down on the ground with your arms outstretched and your legs straight. Once your body is off the ground and you are balancing on your butt, pull your straight legs and arms into a sit-up posture. If standing with straight legs is particularly challenging for you, you can squat until your calves are horizontal. Hold onto that position. Now turn your body to the right, bending your right arm so that it touches the floor. Turn to the left and touch the floor with your left elbow. Do 20 repetitions while alternating.

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Oblique Crunch

The oblique muscles are the focus of the oblique crunch or bicycle crunch, which helps to burn up all side fat. It is an effective torso workout that targets both upper and lower fat.

In a backwards lying position, raise your legs with bent knees until your calf muscles are horizontal. Straighten your right arm out to the side and place your left hand behind your head. Now elevate your left side of the chest and try to bring your left elbow to your left knee while pressing your right forearm firmly into the ground. As you elevate your left torso, turn your left knee in the direction of your left elbow. Perform 10 reps on one side, then the opposite.

Side Plank Circles

Side Plank Circles tones your buttocks and targets your oblique muscles, muffin tops, love handles, and lower belly bulge.

Place your body in a side plank and bring your knee closer to the floor. Your upper leg should be raised until it is straight and horizontal. Start drawing broad circles with that leg right now. Draw 20 circles in a clockwise direction and 20 in a counterclockwise direction.


A great exercise for getting rid of side fat is the Starfish form of the Side Plank.

Take up the side plank posture and focus on maintaining your balance. After you have found your balance, put one foot on top of the other and extend your arm overhead. Lift and straighten the upper leg at this point. Return to the starting position after attempting to touch your toe with your hand at the same moment. Perform 15 reps on one side, then the opposite.

Bottom Line

The fat that has gathered along the sides of your waist, sometimes known as your “love handles” or “muffin tops,” might be a little challenging to remove. However, adopting healthy eating practices and doing the aforementioned workouts might help you see a difference over time. These workouts are easy to execute, simple to follow, and don’t require any extra equipment. Along with strengthening and toning your side oblique muscles, they aid in losing stubborn fat. Include oblique crunches, mermaids, hip dips, or side bends in your training program every other day to preserve your waist in top condition.

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