Calamansi Juice

Amazing Benefits of Calamansi Juice

In addition to being a tasty beverage, calamansi juice is also a filling way to quench your thirst. Because of its several remarkable health advantages, this tiny spherical citrus fruit may very well be regarded as a superfood. Calamansi is reasonably priced, easily found in supermarkets, and simple to prepare. And because it’s not very delicate or challenging to grow, you can grow your own calamansi shrub in your backyard or even in a pot.

The citrus fruit calamondin, sometimes known as calamansi, is native to the Philippines and resembles a tangerine in appearance. Actually, it’s a nutritious intergeneric cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. It makes sense why health-conscious Westerners are aware of the benefits of calamansi juice, which raise eyebrows.

The fruit, whose Latin name is Citrofortunella microcarpa, is widely farmed throughout Southeast Asia and utilized in a variety of regional dishes, particularly in the Philippines and Malaysia.

What Is Calamansi?

Calamansi is a citrus fruit that is native to the Philippines and is also referred to as “lemonsito” by Bisaya-speaking Filipinos and “kalamunding” by Kapampangan. It was first brought to other regions of Asia by traders who visited the Philippines on trade routes connecting East Africa and India. It is a native of the Philippines. Calamansi is one of the most important fruit crops grown in the Philippines, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA), and it ranks fourth in terms of area and production behind banana, mango, and pineapple.

Health benefits

Helps stops Body Odor

Consider calamansi as a body odor remover. The odor-causing bacteria are eliminated by calamansi extract, which is helpful if you experience prespiration problems with some stink.

Simply apply some Calamansi extract for a few minutes, then wash the affected areas.

Improves Oral Hygiene

Vitamin C also helps to treat and eventually prevent dental decay and bleeding gums, which is another beneficial property. Additionally, Calamansi juice can remove food stains and some plaque, just in case.

Boosts your Immune System

Calamansi contains significant amounts of vitamin C, which is a crucial nutrient for boosting one’s immune system. Regular consumption of calamansi juice can help avoid common colds, fever, and coughs.

Balances Cholesterol Levels

Medical research have provided evidence that calamansi juice can significantly aid in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It lowers your body’s level of cholesterol, which is good for your general health and another tool for weight loss.

Helps you Lose Weight

There are three qualities of calamansi that can aid in weight loss:

  • It contains few calories;
  • Good for controlling digestion and aids in pre-meal stomach fullness.

Simply create a calamansi juice drink with hot water for better results and experience the benefits of calamansi for weight loss. The calorie burns more quickly in hot water. Some suggest that drinking pure calamansi juice every morning before breakfast will provide more noticeable results and will also purge the body of pollutants.

Useful for you Respiratory Health

Phlegm and mucous can be uncomfortable, but calamansi can help with this issue. The citric acid in a calamansi can quickly dissolve that mucus and phlegm, relieving your throat and respiratory discomfort.

You can get all these advantages by drinking just one glass of calamansi juice each day.

Efficient Bleaching Agent

Calamansi juice possesses alkaline qualities that can be used to whiten your skin if you have any skin issues, such as acne scars, skin discolouration, or dark spots. These properties can be found in both the peel and the juice.

Detoxifies you Body

Calamansi has detoxifying substances that can aid your kidneys, colon, liver, and gallbladder clear out pollutants. Toxins will be removed from your body when you drink calamansi juice.

Aids in Controlling Diabetes

Calamansi juice can assist balance and moderate blood sugar levels in your body, according to numerous studies and researches. Juice made from calamansis increases the amount of glucose that is released into your bloodstream. Therefore, consuming enough calamansi juice will help you manage your diabetes.

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Fights inflammation

The ability of calamansi to reduce inflammation in the body is one of its main advantages. Similar to apple cider vinegar, this little crazy-sour friend, which is also packed with anti-inflammatory tannins, aids in bringing your stomach’s acidity levels back to normal.

Reduces mucus

Calamondin fruit’s citric acid dissolves phlegm and mucous in your respiratory system. Additionally, it reduces irritation in your throat and respiratory system.

Possible Side effects of calamansi juice

Kidney problems

Your kidneys may suffer if you undergo an extreme detox utilizing specific juices or other methods. It makes sense because your kidneys handle the majority of the work, with or without your assistance. Before jumping in headfirst, keep in mind that harsh diuretics like calamansi juice might harm your body by stimulating urine.

Stomach issues

Due to its astringent and very sour properties, camondin juice can be very difficult on your stomach if you consume large amounts of it. Eat in moderation to avoid acid reflux, diarrhea, upset stomach, and cramps, especially if your stomach and intestines are already sensitive.

Tooth enamel decay

The same as with other citrus fruits, eating too much of these can harm your teeth’s enamel. Use a straw (preferably use a metal or glass one; do not use a plastic one) or rinse your mouth out right away after consuming the juice.

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