4 Exercise Trends to Try

One of the best ways to sustain an exercise regimen is to find an activity that appeals to you. And four new exercise trends may pique your interest. They’re not age-specific and most can be tailored to your needs. But they do have pros and cons.

Circuit Training


This workout is varied and can be different each time, which makes it interesting. Plus, you get an aerobic workout – the kind that gets your heart and lungs pumping.


Not knowing what to expect may catch you off guard if there’s an exercise that’s too challenging. Talk to your instructor in advance to learn how to modify the routine if needed.

Cognitive Workouts


Cognitive workouts pose ‘dual task’ challenges for the brain – your brain has to allocate resources to the physical activity and the cognitive task. That engages the frontal lobes, an important part of the brain for decision making, controlling impulses planning, and other executive functions.


These classes are so new that they’re hard to find

Battle Ropes

Shaking and whipping large, heavy ropes that are anchored to a wall is popular with younger adults and can be beneficial and fun for older adults, too.


This is a fun way to improve muscle strength and endurance, and it’s easily modified to your ability.


Raising and lowering the ropes with forge may cause injury if you have shoulder or back problems.


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